Massachusetts Casino Vote Defeated in East Boston and Palmer

Massachusetts Casino Vote Defeated in East Boston and Palmer

Voters defeated an East Boston casino bid, although the project could go up in still Revere. (Image source: hideseekmedia.com)

Casino opponents in East Boston had been hoping for the success on Tuesday, and bracing themselves for whatever they thought was a loss that is likely. Rather, they quickly found out that a landslide was being faced by them but one in their favor.

Surprising Defeat

Voters in East Boston rejected a proposed casino at the Suffolk Downs race track, ending what had been a remarkably contentious battle over the potential gambling venue. In line with the results that are unofficial 56 per cent of East Boston voters arrived against the casino, with just 44 percent supporting it. That came as a surprise if perhaps not a total surprise to many of the casino’s biggest opponents.

‘We’re completely elated and amazed by the resounding that is loud’ the people of East Boston offered to the casino developers,’ stated Celeste Myers, co-chairwoman for No Eastie Casino. ‘I came into the day bracing myself and talking myself into being content with a loss… that is modest had no reason to expect that we would understand a win, much less a win with this nature.’

It’s possible that the turning point in the race came when Suffolk Downs dropped Caesars Entertainment being a partner on the casino project after the Massachusetts Gaming Commission indicated concerns over the company’s involvement. Soon after that occurred, anti-casino groups claimed that their interior polling showed a razor-sharp increase in the number of undecided voters, and that the battle itself was about even.

Suffolk Downs said that their polling showed better numbers, and them of the potential benefits the casino could bring to the community that they would be able to persuade undecideds by reminding. Nevertheless the results would suggest that those undecideds mostly converted into ‘no’ votes, ultimately dooming the project.

Could Move Project to Revere

In accordance with Suffolk Downs COO Chip Tuttle, the track will now reassess their plans. One possibility could be building a casino in the town that is neighboring of. Suffolk Downs’ proposed casino would straddle the East Boston/Revere line, and both communities were required to vote ‘yes’ on the project for the bid to proceed. While East Boston rejected the master plan, Revere easily approved the casino, with 61 per cent of voters coming out to get the plan. But, it isn’t certain that the state gaming commission would support changing the casino to a niche site completely in Revere.

Regardless if the vote had gone Suffolk Downs’ way, that had been no guarantee that the casino would have been built. The track was bidding for one of three casino licenses that were created by gambling legislation passed by the state in 2011. Each proposition must first be approved by the community or communities hosting it, then must be plumped for over other successful proposals in the exact same area for the sole permit in that an element of the state.

The Suffolk Downs proposal wasn’t the casino that is only in Massachusetts. In the Western Massachusetts town of Palmer located about halfway between Springfield and Worcester a vote on whether to accept a Mohegan Sun casino project ended in a slim defeat. The proposal was defeated by only 93 votes a margin so narrow that Mohegan Sun is likely to request a recount out of over 5,200 votes.

Although the casino company may request a recount of all votes, they are particularly thinking about one specific precinct where a voting machine reportedly jammed in the afternoon, causing some ballots to fall towards the floor.

‘Because of technical problems with the voting machine in Precinct 2 which can be extremely troubling, we will be asking the Town of Palmer for the hand recount associated with the ballots in today’s election,’ stated Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority executive that is chief Etess.

At minimum Caesars’ Gary Loveman must have enjoyed a cocktail that is celebratory hearing the voting outcomes, with a little bit of a smirk, given his dis by the Massachusetts gaming payment recently.

Las vegas, nevada Casino Operators Bid Adieu to Witch Hunters of Massachusetts

Regulatory investigators or witch hunters? Several vegas gaming operators are bailing through the Massachusetts commission’s scrutiny.

Many U.S. states, when they haven’t exactly copied the Nevada model to a ‘t’, experienced great success building and marketing land casinos that truly emulate the United states gambling mecca. However for some reason, Massachusetts can not quite get with all the gambling paradigm; maybe it’s the ghost of the Salem puritans, still lurking via regulators and commissioners, but in more contemporary garb.

Backing Out regarding the Game

What the Las vegas, nevada casino industry initially bent over backwards to be a component of from Wynn Resorts to Caesars Entertainment to MGM Resorts International is seeing increasingly more attrition as industry moguls find the requirements and investigations of the Massachusetts regulatory abilities to be bordering on ridiculous or even, in reality, having crossed the border right into ridiculous.

So now two years following the East Coast state exposed its doors to eager proposals from all the industry that is big for just three casinos, one each in certain areas of the state the tides are turning, plus some of these players are thumbing their noses during the Mass. regulators, having a possible quietly flipped bird under the table.

Hey, they truly are not playing with kids here.

The 3 distinct areas one in the west, one into the southeast, and one in the Boston area are looking less desirable to operators who, while well used to regulatory procedures, are perhaps not about to own every crust of bread and cookie crumb they ever consumed examined by this number of commissioners to this degree of minutiae. And what started out as a predictably sluggish licensing process, has emerged as you that seems, to more than one candidate, interminable, and perchance not even worth the time, money and scrutiny included.

Just to catch you up, here’s where the initial players stand now: Caesars Entertainment Corp., after being maligned for an association with a project that is non-Massachusetts (Gansevoort Hotel Group) for that company’s third-party alleged connection with some Russian mob figures said ‘see ya’ to their previous $1 billion partnership with Suffolk Downs racetrack in Boston.

Steve Wynn all but lost it with the regulators a week before that when they made disparaging remarks about their Macau operations and insinuated crime that is chinese ties in that arena. Wynn virtually told the commissioners to take their casino and shove it, and many think he might soon cut his losses on the hundreds of millions he’s already poured into a proposed $1.3 billion project in Everett outside of Boston, and say ‘kiss my assets goodbye.’

And Then There Clearly Was One

Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corporation must have anticipated the Macau scrutiny, because they never even bothered to apply for the license in Massachusetts. So all that leaves is lone applicant MGM Resorts International, who remain vying to put their $800 million casino resort in Springfield, in the western section of hawaii; but city fathers seeing how the winds are blowing out of Las Vegas now are already nervously questioning who will take MGM’s spot if the state’s commissioners deem the casino operator to be not up to their rather-holy-for-the-gambling-industry standards.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission that has been only thrown together last year is even getting criticism from a seemingly unlikely source: the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Nevada’s Board Chairman A.G. Burnett noted recently that their colleagues back East were using personal investigators to conjure up ‘gotcha gaming regulation.’

‘We understand transactions and certification agreements,’ Burnett said. ‘We know how the (Caesars-Gansevoort) relationship worked. Regulators need to be both reasonable and smart.’

Up to now, at least, MGM Resorts Chairman Jim Murren continues to be being polite in regards to the Mass. Commission, claiming he is sure his outfit shall be found suitable for the Springfield project. But given the payment’s present track record, it is anyone guess if Murren’s enthusiasm shall hold up.

‘ We now have complied with every thing they have asked of us,’ Murren stated. ‘Our response to the RFP will be in regards to a thousand pages. At the end of day, once you examine all the facts, I see no reason why we won’t be found suitable.’

Of course, Caesars’ Gary Loveman and Wynn’s Wynn also saw no reason they wouldn’t be found suitable, until recently. And even Murren admits, there have been some curve balls thrown in this move East.

WSOP 2013 Main Event Final Table Commences Tonight

Choosing the gold: the November Nine associated with World variety of Poker will be ready to do battle for the bracelet. (Image source: ESPN)

Every member for the World Series of Poker’s (WSOP) nine has already won a life-changing sum of money; now, one of them will go on to become a poker legend november. The nine players still alive in the WSOP Main Event comes back tonight to try out for a prize that is top of8.3 million, plus the directly to call themselves poker’s World Champion for 2013.

Bringing It to the Dining Table

Needless to say, even addressing this point is an extremely long shot with some huge rewards. Every one of the nine staying players has used a mix of great ability and prompt luck to outlast the first field of 6,352 players, each of who put down a $10,000 entry charge (or won a satellite tournament to earn a seat). And just in making the table that is final they’ve all earned at least $733,224 before a chip moves tonight.

While each of the nine players left in the look is dreaming about winning the gold that is gem-encrusted, they’re maybe not all to arrive with the same opportunity to achieve that goal. You can find always chip leaders, but this year views a few of the greatest stacks also owned by some of the biggest names at the table, making overtaking them appear to be an even more task that is daunting.

the leaderboard is poker legend J.C. Tran, who holds 38 million in chips. Tran already has two WSOP bracelets on their resume, along with a World Poker Tour (WPT) championship and wins in PokerStar’s World Championship of Online Poker. Because of the many chips, the experience that is most, and the most success in his career, Tran comes into the final table as the overwhelming favorite.

But he’s not the player that is only watch. In second destination is Amir Lehavot, a WSOP bracelet winner who is fairly new to poker. The Israeli-born player that is professional only been in the overall game since 2007, but has established himself as a fierce competitor with over $2.3 million in tournament cashes in his short job.

Many Success Stories Meeting for Battle

There are various other famous faces at the final table as well. Mark Newhouse hasn’t been in the limelight much throughout the last years that are few but he does have WPT championship on his resume and has a history of high-stakes success. David Benefield is best understood for being one of the online that is first legends, playing under the name ‘Raptor’ in the beginning of Internet poker. Newhouse and Benefield will be the two shortest stacks at the final table, but either one could return back to the game having a double-up that is timely.

The middle positions at the final table have plenty of stories to share as well in between those two extremes. Marc-Etienne McLaughlin has finished in the top 100 associated with WSOP Main Event three times within the last five years. Jay Farber is a face that is famous the Las Vegas nightlife industry. Ryan Riess is available in as the youngest player at simply 23 yrs . old, while Sylvain Loosli and Michiel Brummelhuis are well-known in Europe, but could become worldwide stars by having a WSOP victory.

One thing’s for sure: at the end of final dining table play, one of these simple nine players will add their name towards the immortal list of players whom hold the most title that is prestigious poker. Real time coverage will be accessible on ESPN networks in many countries across the world, as well as on WSOP.com, and we will be bringing you updates that are regular as well.



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