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LPO has $17.7 billion in loan authority to aid the make of qualified light-duty automobiles and qualifying elements under the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVM), authorized by the power Independence and protection Act of 2007.

To date, this program has loaned $8 billion for jobs which have supported the manufacturing of a lot more than 4 million technology that is advanced. Read more about LPO’s ATVM profile.

Read our two-page reality sheet for a synopsis of just just how LPO can finance automobile production tasks.

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Exactly What value can bring as a LPO loan provider to my task?

ATVM is regarded as three loan that is distinct administered by LPO, but all can offer an identical value to borrowers:

  • Usage of Debt Capital: Through ATVM, LPO provides usage of financial obligation money this is certainly coming in at U.S. Treasury prices for car production jobs in america.
  • Versatile, Custom Financing: LPO can offer funding that meets the precise requirements of specific borrowers. LPO has experience with corporate, structured business, and restricted recourse task finance loans. Also, LPO has ability to fund big tasks as being a lender that is sole to fill gaps in funding included in a band of loan providers.
  • Committed Partnership: loan providers usually choose to engage a task if the deal is completely created; however, LPO encourages engagement that is early task development. LPO usually takes the right time for you to plunge deep and understand the project and its own technology. And after loan closing, LPO continues to be a valuable partner to borrowers through the entire duration of a task.
  • Specialized Experience: LPO maintains an in-house group of economic, technical, appropriate, and environmental specialists which has expertise with first-of-kind tasks and many different deal structures. Up to now, LPO has furnished significantly more than $30 billion with debt funding.

Is my task eligible?

A task must fulfill all the following requirements to qualify for an ATVM loan:

  • Manufacture eligible automobiles or elements being found in qualified automobiles. Advanced technology automobiles are understood to be light-duty automobiles that meet or exceed a 25% enhancement in gas effectiveness beyond a 2005 model 12 months base-line of comparable automobiles; and/or ultra-efficient automobiles which achieve a fuel efficiency of 75 kilometers per gallon or comparable making use of alternate fuels.
  • Build facilities that are new reequip, modernize, or expand current facilities; and/or for engineering integration done in the usa linked to the production of eligible automobiles or elements.
  • Be found in the united states of america. International ownership or sponsorship associated with jobs is permissible so long as the task is found in one of many fifty states, the District of Columbia, or perhaps a U.S. Territory.
  • Give a prospect that is reasonable of.

In addition, a job candidate must show so it has adequate funds to transport out of the task and it is perhaps maybe maybe not influenced by other federal help as described when you look at the relevant federal laws.

Candidates additionally needs to fulfill all applicable eligibility requirements established into the Energy Independence and protection Act of 2007, Interim Final Rule, as amended and corrected, Interpretive Rule, and tech support team Document regarding dedication and calculation means of “substantially similar characteristics” beneath the ATVM system.

Eligibility of Electrical and Alternative Fuel Car Charging Infrastructure

The production of infrastructure, including connected hardware and computer computer software, for alternate vehicle fuels such as for example electricity, hydrogen, liquefied gas that is naturalLNG), compressed gas (CNG), and biofuels, might be qualified underneath the ATVM loan system.

The implementation of these infrastructure can be eligible under LPO’s Title 17 Energy Loan Guarantee that is innovative Program.

What type of economic terms can LPO provide?

LPO can offer flexible, custom funding to meet up certain requirements of specific borrowers. LPO provides senior, secured financial obligation and will act as single loan provider, or can co-lend along with other banking institutions and supply to bank syndicates versatile financial obligation capability that may be upsized or downsized dependent on syndication strategy.

LPO has knowledge about a selection of borrowers deal structures, including business, structured corporate or recourse that is limited financings.

To learn more in regards to the type of monetary terms LPO can offer, including rates, terms, and framework, browse the ATVM Lending Reference Guide.


The attention rate for ATVM loans may be the U.S. That is applicable Treasury when it comes to term of this loan with no credit spread.

What’s the procedure for obtaining that loan?


Possible candidates ought to engage directly with LPO for no-fee, no-commitment consultations to go over their proposed project and discover about LPO’s process before formally using. Email atvm@hq. Doe.gov to request a consultation with an LPO employee.


Listed here provides a diverse breakdown of the ATVM application process.

Prospective candidates may make reference to Guidance for candidates into the Advanced Technology Vehicles production Loan Program to learn more about planning a software, and may additionally review all regulating papers on the LPO site.

Application Consumption Process

  • LPO evaluates task for fundamental eligibility.
  • LPO evaluates technical, economic, ecological, and legal areas of task for ATVM viability thresholds.
  • LPO invites qualified candidates to initial homework.

Initial Due Diligence/Preliminary Terms and Conditions

  • LPO further evaluates technical, monetary, ecological, and appropriate components of the project.
  • LPO verifies the eligibility for the vehicle/component, applicant, and task expenses.
  • LPO offers the applicant with initial conditions and terms of a proposed ATVM loan.
  • In the event that applicant agrees to your preliminary stipulations, LPO invites the applicant to higher level diligence that is due.

Advanced Homework & Term Sheet Negotiation

  • LPO executes economic, credit, appropriate, ecological, and market homework.
  • LPO typically engages advisors that are externale.g., legal, technical, monetary, market, insurance coverage) to aid in homework and structuring. Outside costs that are advisory borne by the applicant.
  • LPO reviews task conformity with federal ecological legislation.
  • LPO structures the transaction, underwrites and negotiates term sheet aided by the applicant.
  • LPO presents the task for credit approval to internal venture Review Committee, external Interagency Review and Credit Review that is internal Board.
  • LPO and co-sign term sheet that is applicant.
  • LPO dilemmas Conditional Commitment.

Loan Shutting

  • LPO together with applicant negotiate and finalize the mortgage contract and www.speedyloan.net/installment-loans-la/ task papers.
  • LPO and applicant agree with last terms.
  • Applicant fulfills conditions precedent to shut.
  • Applicant pays shutting cost equal to ten basis points (0.1%) for the loan principal.
  • LPO and applicant execute loan guarantee contract.

Exactly what are the expenses & charges?


There’s no application charge for the ATVM system.


Each applicant is in charge of having to pay costs incurred by LPO’s separate advisors in reference to the applicant’s task.


The yearly maintenance cost covers LPO’s administrative costs, apart from extraordinary costs, in servicing and monitoring the mortgage through re re payment in complete. The fee is compensated every year beforehand, commencing with re payment of a pro-rated very very first yearly repayment on the closing date regarding the loan.


The Borrower will soon be expected to spend during the time of the closing of this loan a fee add up to 10 foundation points (0.1%) associated with major number of the loan.

Where am I able to find more information that is detailed the ATVM system?

Candidates should review the Guidance for Candidates into the ATVM Loan Program (might 2019), plus the Interim Final Rule, as corrected and amended.

Governing Documents: make reference to the ATVM Governing papers web page.

Ecological Compliance: reference the ATVM Ecological Compliance web site.

FAQs: Make Reference To ATVM FAQ webpage.

Just how do I use?

Possible candidates ought to engage straight with LPO for no-fee, no-commitment consultations to begin a discussion concerning the task and about LPO’s procedure before formally using. Email atvm@hq. Doe.gov to request a consultation having an LPO employee.

Aside from the Interim Final Rule, possible candidates should make reference to Guidance for candidates to your Advanced Technology Vehicles production Loan Program for extra guidance ahead of formally using.


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